What is a rotary rack oven?


Rotary rack oven are suitable for the even and perfect baking of a wide range of products such as bread, buns, cakes and cookies. Popular with small and medium bakery businesses, it is best suited for bakeries that produce a wide variety of varieties.

Rotary rack oven


a_ The Rotary rack oven has a turntable and has a stainless steel, body and baking chamber for easy maintenance.

b_It has one-piece door with heat reflective glass, specially designed gasket to seal the door completely.

c_It has a large steel heat exchanger that ensures fuel reduction, consumption and full indirect heating from cold to 250°c within 20 metric tons.

d_ Graphical signs with electronic digital display.

e_The Oven machine also has a steam generator on the feed wall for better steaming.

f_It has an excellent air distribution system for optimal roasting performance.

g_ Lighting elements outside the main heating room with shut-off facility to reduce electricity bills.


Rotary rack oven are designed for ease of use and safety.

a_ Heavy overlapping insulation keeps heat where it should be inside the oven and prohibits heat transfer to the working environment;

b_Large windows in the doors combine heat-reflecting double glazing and efficient interior light to allow a close-up view of the baking process inside the oven. Toast, cookies, cakes, etc.

c_ The rotary rack oven is fitted with explosion-proof safety devices to prevent any explosion in the room

Heating equipment:

The rotary rack oven heats the product evenly. The main components are the burner, extraction fan, controls and rotating base


Capacity Specifications: From 50kg to 200kg

Type: Convection Oven/Turbo Oven

Fuel: Electric/Gas/Diesel

Trolley: single pallet or double

Tray: 32 trays or 64 trays

Power: 2.0-5.0 kW

Control: Manual/Auto

baking bread machine bread in oven rotary rack oven

Operating Instructions for Rotary rack oven

  1. The operation of the rotary oven must be operated by personnel who have received training and passed the examination.
  2. Preparation before operation:
  3. Confirm whether the power supply is normal;
  4. Confirm that there is no foreign matter in the furnace.
  5. Confirm that the smoke exhaust system is working properly.
  6. Start and stop sequence:
  7. Turn on the power when starting up, select the baking temperature and time, and preheat. When the preheating temperature is reached, open the oven door and push the oven into the oven, close the oven door, select the baking time, and press the start button. The oven starts working;
  8. When the machine is shut down, take out the oven and turn off the system. After entering the sleep state, turn off the main power.
  9. Precautions for safe use:
  10. Beware of burns during use.
  11. The residue must be cleaned and disinfected in time before and after the operation.
  12. If you find any abnormality in the oven, please inform the engineer in time.