What equipment you need for a bakery?

Are you going to start your own bakery? Don’t know what equipment you’ll need? TCD machine can help.

To open a bakery, choose the suitable bakery equipment and tools will save a lot of unnecessary expenses. As a specialist of bakery equipment, and the equipment manufacturer, we wrote down this article, to help you have a clear understanding.

First of all, the most important equipment, also the largest cost are baking machine: Dough Mixer, Proofer, Oven and so on.

Bakery equipmen_Dough Mixer

Dough Mixer used to make dough, with this machine, you can make the flour into the dough quickly, not only saving time, but also saving labour.

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Baking machine Dough Mixer

Bakery equipmen_Proofer

Proofer, or called Fermentation Cabinet:

Easy operated on temperature and humidity settings, provide the most appropriate fermentation environment for dough fermentation. Computer control panel can set a 24-hours cycle program, automatic intelligent work, no need to get up early, no need artificial monitor.

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Bakery equipment Proofer

Bakery equipmen_Oven

Recommended to use rotary oven, large capacity, suitable for commercial use. Gas oven is heated with LPG or LNG, which is suitable for those with limited electricity supply region.If environmental requirements are relatively high, or local control the use of gas, the electric oven will suits you.

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bakery equipment oven

There are other relative equipment you may need for different kind of products, like planetary mixer, dough sheeter, bread moulder, display showcase, freezer, etc.

From small bakery to large baking plant, different bakery require different equipment. TCD machine has a full range of food machine, strongly support your baking business. Any doubt on baking or food processing business, contact us any time for solution support.