The 130th Canton Fair Successfully Closed

The 130th Canton Fair came to a close on October 19. Remarkable results were achieved in the online-offline integration in this Canton Fair.

Against the backdrop of the spreading pandemic, the 130th Canton Fair was held in an online-offline merged format for the first time. That accelerated its digital transformation and kicked off a new model, new normal, and magnificent scene of a hybrid Canton Fair. The online platform further optimized functions of negotiations, enriched display formats of texts, pictures, videos, 3D, VR, and livestreaming, and enabled suppliers and buyers to connect, make deals, and reach cooperation without the limit of time and space. Focused on independent R&D and underpinned by technological innovation, more and more Chinese exhibitors build brands and launch new products at the Canton Fair, which has become a new normal.

About 26,000 companies at home and abroad participated, uploading over 2.87 million products, an increase of 113,600 compared with the last session. Among them 898,200 are new products, 112,700 intelligent products, and 248,600 products with independent IPR, up by 59,700, 2000, and 9200 respectively compared with the last session, presenting the innovative vitality of “Made in China”, “Created in China”, Chinese brands, and Chinese technology to global buyers. The online platform was visited by 32.73 million times accumulatively. Exhibitors livestreamed 43,000 times accumulatively, with over 350,000 people watching online. The offline exhibition area totaled about 400,000 square meters with 7,795 exhibitors participating. The Canton Fair Complex received 600,000 visits accumulatively.

Many exhibitors moved livestreaming rooms to the offline exhibition. The hybrid display model led to in-depth interaction, and improved companies brand image via multiple channels in an all-round way. From the perspective of actual effects, this session fully took the advantage of online-offline integration by providing two channels and two display formats, offering the Canton Fair’s solution for hybrid development of large exhibitions.