Rice Noodle Production Line

TCD rice noodle production line has perfect technology, compact structure, novel design, stable and reliable performance. The production from flour to finished product is automatically completed at one time, with high automation procedures, simple operation, moderate output, energy saving, small floor space, and only one-tenth of the investment required by large-scale equipment.It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized food companies.

1. Content:

Production capacity: 1250kg/h

Noodle specification: size 0.4-0.5 cm, 1.5-2.5 cm and fine

Finished packing: 0.5,1.0kg 2 or 5kg/bag, most will be 1.0kg bag

2. Production processing:

Rice Soaking – Rice washing – Grinding – Steaming – Cooling – Cutting – Collecting – Packing

3.Working principle:

After the rice is fully washed and soaked, it is grinded into rice milk, and then transported to the mixer, in order to avoid the sediment, the agitator is continuously stirred, then the fully stirred rice milk is evenly spread on the belt, going into the steamer for steaming, after cooling, it is cut into slender strips, here comes out the finished product – fresh rice noodles. Then workers collect the rice noodle in certain weight from the rice noodle collector onto the packaging machine for packing.

4. Equipment details:

*Customer needs to purchase a 0.5 ton boiler locally.

*Standard equipped one cutting roll.