Project Description

Roaster Machine

TCD roaster machine is made up of high quality stainless steel material, has both gas and charcoal heating function, energy saving and high thermal efficiency. Easy to operate and maintenance. Widely use for rotary bake duck, chicken, quail and other kinds of meat.

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  • Double function of gas heating and charcoal heating.
  • Automatic rotary,make the meat bake more evenly, can use 220V or 24V, easy to move.
  • Fire can adjust,360 degree heating, color and luster is uniform.
  • Easy control panel,easy operation.
  • Machine with thermometer,can know the oven temperature easily.
  • High working efficiency, it can keep working all day.
304 Stainless steel
Heating method Gas/Charcoal
Capacity 18-25 pcs
220V 50HZ
Dimension (L x W x H) 850*1050*1680mm
Weight 115kg
Gas resume 0.31kg/h