Project Description

Rice Ball Machine

TCD rice ball machine can make all kinds of filling food, such as Tangyuan, Doushabao, pumpkin pie, etc. It is an good ideal food machine for hotels, restaurants, enterprises, schools, troops and other public canteens and specialized households.

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  • This is a device that simply puts the dough into the feed inlet and turns it on automatically.
  • The digital frequency control regulates the amount of dough and the weight of the dumpling.
  • The main parts and components are made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials, and the structure is reasonable.
  • The molding, advancement and control panels are driven by independent motors, and maintenance and disassembly and cleaning are convenient.
  • Full-featured, wide applicability can be made according to different types of skin, different filling spherical food.
Rice Ball Machine
Production Capacity 0-5000 pcs/h
Ball Diameter 20-50 mm (can customized)
2.5 KW
220V / 380V
Dimension (L x W x H) 1970*1460*1690mm
Weight 820kg