Project Description

Pizza Oven

TCD Pizza Oven using advanced heat preservation material to minimize energy consumption. The temperature can reach 500°C, Efficient and stable. Quality and Specialized Pizza baking stone, heat evenly.

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  • All Stainless Steel
  • Fast cooking within 5 minute.
  • Mechanical thermostat controls separate for upper and lower heating element inside each deck.
  • Reinforced door for easy service and frequency open and close operation.
  • Reinforced high temperate glass window for monitor pizza baking condition.
  • Long live halogen lighting system for better to check pizza baking process.
  • One piece longitudinal fire stone for operator can one shot slide in the soft pizza without damage the shape.
Model Chamber size(mm) Dimension(mm) Power Voltage Specification
WGP-1-4 600*600*150 910*880*430 100w 220V/50Hz 1 Deck
WGP-2-4 600*600*150 910*880*760 100w 220V/50Hz 2 Decks
WGP-1-6 600*900*150 910*1120*430 100w 220V/50Hz 1 Deck
WGP-2-6 600*900*150 910*1120*760 100w 220V/50Hz

2 Decks