Project Description

Overturning-vat Spiral Dough Mixer

The Overturning-Vat Spiral Dough Mixer, or it is called Self-tilting Spiral Mixer, is the ideal equipment for working doughs for Pizzerias, Pastries, bakeries and families. The particular shape of the spiral allows you in few minutes to get a perfectly mixed dough. The bowl, spiral, dough breaker and the protection grid are made in stainless steel respecting the health rules. The spiral dough mixer with rising top has a pneumatic system for the controlled overturning of the top, chain transmission system and gear motor in oil bath ensuring strength and quietness in time.

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• Strong power, automatic overturning vat, time-saving and labor.
• Efficient dough mixing, large capacity
• Integrated high-speed rotation, non detachable, more stable and safe
• Double speed double motion copmuter control panel, adjustable speed, mixing in positive and negative direction
• Simple operation, convenient and practical