Project Description

Integrated Dumpling Machine

TCD integrated dumpling machine is mainly used to produce small dumpling with imitation hand-made. The machine integrated dough production, dumpling wrapper making, filling, molding in one, with a large output, less energy consumption, small footprint, easy to clean, safe and sanitary, stable operation, convenient operation, HMI and structure more friendly features; The surface and filling contact parts are made of stainless steel and PU conveyor belt, in line with the requirements of national food hygiene.

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Fully automatic, dough rolling, dough pressing, shape cutting, filling, and wrapping join.
Adopts Intelligent panel control, using Ether Cat to realize the intelligent motion control. Support the internet of things applications.
Efficient production capacity, easy operation, time-saving and labor-saving.
Materials meeting the food safety and hygiene standards, transparent glasses window.
Full rounded inner chamber corners, no garbage hiding. Easy to maintain and clean.
Equipped with safety interlock device. To realize automatic shutdown in case of production accident.

Chinese dumpling, Wonton, Sumai, etc.

Applicable place:
hotels, restaurants, restaurant chain, dining hall, canteen, school, hospital, church, food factory, medium and small food processing, etc.