Project Description

Heavy Duty Dough Mixer

The heavy duty dough mixer is applicable for mixing the wheat flour and highly viscous materials to make dough based on the customer’s requirement.

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  • This machine is very productive and gives customer the possibility to make the dough for many different products such as pizza, biscuit, cookie, cake, bread, croissant, chapati, pita, tortilla, spring roll, puff pastry, empanada, dumpling, samosa, steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, fried dough stick, poori, wonton, noodle, pasta, pie etc.
  • This machine is compact in conformation, beautiful in appearance, high in efficiency.
  • All parts contacted with food are made of stainless steel materials.
  • The stirrer of it can be blade type, paddle type, oval type, etc.
  • It is an ideal machine for the canteen, restaurant, hotel, dining hall of school, factory, frozen food factory etc.
Capacity 15L 25L 50L
Power 1500W 1500W 2200W
N.W. 63kg 75kg 110kg
94kg 125kg
Machine Size
65*54*69cm 77*70*90cm 90*70*90cm
 Packing Size 77*63*82cm 87*71*83cm 100*82*100cm