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Grinding Machine

Grinding can be used to selectively improve the product characteristics of foods and, of course, hygienic and economical production is also important. Wet grinding is used for refining in many food production processes. It is used in the production of food, food additives, chlorophyll, hydrocolloids, pectin, pepper, spices, chocolate, cocoa slurry and candies. Grinding can reach very high quality, come to TCD Machine, our experts will be very happy to help you plan and realize your special needs.
Wet grinding is to suspend the raw material in the carrier liquid flow for grinding, and appropriate addition of dispersant and other additives to help grinding. Wet grinding is effective and economical, can achieve very good fineness, even nanometer level. Micron, sub-micron, or nanometer product, our machine can make it.

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  • Grinding system with improved centrifugal separation
  • Suitable for continuous pass and circulation operation, enclosed batch operation is also possible
  • Swiveling grinding tank facilitates filling and emptying of the grinding media
  • Simple and clean operation
  • Double acting mechanical seal with flushing water unit and safety switch
  • Electrical drive via frequency inverter 300 to 5000 rpm
  • Hose pump with infinitely adjustable speed, feeding quantity 3 to 260 l/h
Grinding Machine
Grinding chamber 0.5L
Volume of product to be ground 3-10L
Outer material
Main drive motor
Operation voltage 380V
Control panel PLC control