Project Description

Freshfood Vacuum Cooler

Through vacuum cooling technology, TCD fresh food vacuum cooler can complete the evaporation of residual water in food in a short time, making the product longer life.

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Greatly reduced in cooling time & baking time, 5-10 minutes temperature down from 90℃ to 30℃, 15-25 minutes temperature down from 90℃ to 10℃.

Vacuum environment, no cross contamination, increasing the texture and stability of the product.

Quickly skip the bacteria derivation period, extend the shelf life of the product.

High quality, 90% parts of adopt internationally renowned brands.
Dynamic touch screen control system.
Enormous reduction in energy cost.

Application: breads, pizza, toasts, donuts, croissants, steamed buns, baozi, etc.
Applicable place: hotels, restaurants, bakeries, school, hospital, church, food factory, even individual food processing, etc.