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Deck Oven

Deck oven is one of the major varieties of ovens used in most professional pastry kitchens. Baking Master Series are customized for master bakers to meet professional needs, allowing master bakers to display their skills as they wish.

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— Programmable easy to use touch control panel.
— Addable non-corrosive steam system
— Each deck separately controlled
— Modular construction make it have combined function of stored or fermentation
— Provides a gentle mellow even bake, baking temperature is finely controlled by the computer
— High quality food grade SS304 heating pipe
— Marble bottom plate in deck, uniform heat conduction and good baking effect
— Ergonomic and safe handles.
— Quick and easy installation.
— Flexible power supply.
— Oven chamber door with glass windows pivoting upwards and inwards frees space in front of the oven.
— Oven legs with castors enabling easy cleaning.
— Low service costs.

Application: breads, cakes, pizza, toasts, tarts, roasts, fruits, and other kinds of foods.
Applicable place: hotels, restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias, school, hospital, church, food factory, even individual food processing, cake room, etc.

Model TBM-48 TBM-36T TBM-24T
Type 4 deck 8 trays  3 deck 6 trays 2 deck 4 trays
Dimensions(mm) 1310*1103*1835 1310*1103*1975 1310*1103*1615
Power 24KW 18KW 12KW
Voltage 380V 380V 380V
Plate Size(mm) 400*600 400*600 400*600
Stone Size(mm) 715*423 715*423 715*423
Specifiction / Shelf  Shelf