Project Description

Commercial Dumpling Machine

TCD Commercial Dumpling Machine is suitable for food quick-frozen factory, restaurants, factories, schools, canteens and other units for making dumplings. This machine adopts the new technology of making dumplings after automatically pressing the dough. Which has changed the working principle of traditional Chinese dumpling machine, overcome the short coming of traditional dumpling machine: strong extrusion of the screw make the dough and flour heating, gelatinization, dough harden, and lose the gluten, resulting the unsatisfied taste of dumplings.

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  • Dumpling Machine made by stainless steel material, food safety guaranteed, and more durable in use.
  • Changed different molds can produce different shapes,Such as empanada,samosa ,
    spring roll,dumpling,wonton,ravioli,fried dumpling,round dumpling,square dumpling,tortellini,lace dumplings,steamed dumpling etc., just change the molds head can make different shapes! Supply best service of customized Shape and Size! Send us your food picture,we will recommend a suitable machine for you.
  • The dough thickness and filling quantity is adjustable according to your demand.
  • High power motor.Strong sense of operation,stable and fast operation,
  • Integration of dough pressing,and forming and delivering to save time and work force.
  • Through pressing by roller, the dough become more suitable for making dumpling and greatly improved the flavor.
  • Imitation handwork dumplings and the flavor even be better.
  • This fully automatic dumpling machine widely used in hotels, restaurants, groups canteen processing, kindergarten, frozen dumpling production,canteens, schools, troops. All kinds of meat, meat stuffing, mixed with vegetable stuffing and other kinds of the dumplings, can be used for steaming, boiling, frying and frozen food processing.
Commercial Dumpling Machine
Production Capacity 6000-12000pcs/h
Dumpling Weight 8~40g/pc (can customized)
220V 50HZ
Dimension (L x W x H) 1300*580*1200mm
Weight 220kg