Project Description

Combi Steam Oven

If you are looking for a multifunction cooking appliance for your busy kitchen, our commercial combi oven is the great solution for you!

This combi ovens provide three cooking methods in one unit, can be chosen convected heat or pressureless steam, or a combination of both. What’s more, the combi oven can replace your existing steam and convection oven, it will save storage space, having a smaller footprint.

With controlling panel, this combi oven can be operated all cooking processes,such as baking, grilling, steaming and heating and so on. There are professional probe which can monitor the center temperature of the food, making sure the cooking food is good taste.

  • Saving space and time, Energy efficiency.
  • Multi-function, baking, roasting, steaming, and heating.
  • Can control the cooking time and detect food temperature.
  • Replace a lot of appliance such as baking, roasting, steaming ovens.
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  • All stainless steel manufacturing.
  • Full rounded inner chamber corners, no garbage hiding, easy cleanning.
  • Highly efficient combustion technology, fast heating speed.
  • Simple switching of three common modes.
  • Meat needles function to control the internal temperature of food.
  • Moisture removal function. Ensure the baking effect.
  • Steam generated by spray method is not easy to scale.
  • The secondary door opens to prevent sudden steam from gushing and injuring people.
Specs & Descs
Machine Size
 Electric 6 Trays
957*880*940 380V 11.5KW
Electric 10 Trays
957*880*1120 380V 19KW
Electric 20 Trays
1057*950*1850 380V 22KW
Gas 6 Trays
957*880*940 220V 1KW
Gas 10 Trays
957*880*1120 220V 1KW