Project Description

Cold Storage

TCD cold storage is a warehouse creating the suitable humidity and cold condition with the use of cooling facility which is also known as the refrigerated storage. It is a place to process and store the products. TCD cold storage is mainly used for the constant-temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products,poultry, fruit and vegetable, cold drink, flower, green plant, tea,medicine, chemical raw material, electronic instrument, etc.
We can design a high – efficient and economic solution according to all of your requirements! It including refrigerator storage design, refrigerator storage manufacture and refrigerator storage installation.

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  • Easy installation.
  • Perfect control and can be adapted to run in different working conditions.
  • Self-diagnosis system and adujts according to ambitent temperature and cold room temperature automatically.
  • Achieves the automatic exchange of hot-gas defrosting, water defrosting and electricity defrosting.
Types Of Cold Room
Cold Room Temperature
Cold Room Usage
High Temperature Cold Room
+10℃ to -5℃
Keeping fresh  for fruits, vegetables, eggs and medical materials.
Middle Temperature Cold Room
-10℃ to -18℃
Mainly for meats’ and aquatic products’ storage.
Low Temperature Cold Room
-20℃ to -30℃
Mainly for foods’ freezing.
Super Low Temperature Cold Room
Mainly for foods’ quick freezing and special areas for industrial experimennts and medical treaments.