Project Description

Bowl Removable Spiral Mixer

TCD Bowl Removable Dough Mixer is best suitable for mixing large amounts of dough, it has an agitator that spins in a stationary position while the bowl rotates, quick, and efficient, to make dough perfectly. PLC control can independently set programming for procedures, steps, and time, makes the machine operation simpler and more convenient.

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The Bowl Removable Spiral Dough Mixer is the ideal equipment for dough mixing of pastries, bakeries and plants. The particular shape of the spiral allows you in few minutes to get a perfectly mixed dough. The bowl, spiral, dough breaker and the protection grid are made of stainless steel respecting the health rules. The removable bowl with wheel and cart integrated, only one person can change the bowl easily, when work with the tilting lifter
and bowl dumper,
it can be equipped with industrial automatic production line.

• Strong power, saving time and labor
• Efficient dough mixing, large capacity
• imported hydraulic lifting system key components, stable performance
• Suitable for all kinds of dough, soft dough for sweet bread, or hard dough for high gluten pastry

• Simple operation, convenient and practical

• Strong and durable mixing hook
Model Capacity Machine size (mm) Voltage Net weight
TDM-RB75 75kg flour 1790*960*1215 380V 1250Kg
TDM-RB125 125kg flour 1930*1070*1490 380V 1350Kg
TDM-RB150 150kg flour 2010*1180*1510 380V 1450Kg