Electric sausage stuffer filler machine


Electric sausage stuffer filler machine Continuous and automatic quantitative enema, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high accuracy and good repeatability, is a high-efficiency and easy-to-operate product. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure, airtight and waterproof, easy to clean Contact

Encrusting Machine


Encrusting Machine TCD encrusting machine is one of the best-selling products in our company. It can produce various kinds of snacks, such as kubba, falafel, coxinha, croquette, churros, tamale, maamol, mooncake, mochi, fish ball, samosa, meat ball, energy ball, stuffed cookies, pineapple cake, biscuit,etc. It's suitable for

Rice Ball Machine


Rice Ball Machine TCD rice ball machine can make all kinds of filling food, such as Tangyuan, Doushabao, pumpkin pie, etc. It is an good ideal food machine for hotels, restaurants, enterprises, schools, troops and other public canteens and specialized households. Contact Us

Food Mixer


Food Mixer TCD food mixer is designed to be your best kitchen helper, a reliable partner. You can use it to knead, beat, and create all kinds of recipes. The mixer is manufactured according to the strictest standard. Be equipped with powerful

Roaster Machine


Roaster Machine TCD roaster machine is made up of high quality stainless steel material, has both gas and charcoal heating function, energy saving and high thermal efficiency. Easy to operate and maintenance. Widely use for rotary bake duck, chicken, quail and other kinds of

Grinding Machine


Grinding Machine Grinding can be used to selectively improve the product characteristics of foods and, of course, hygienic and economical production is also important. Wet grinding is used for refining in many food production processes. It is used in the production of food,

Cold Storage


Cold Storage TCD cold storage is a warehouse creating the suitable humidity and cold condition with the use of cooling facility which is also known as the refrigerated storage. It is a place to process and store the products.

Roasting Machine


Roasting Machine TCD Automatic roasting machine is used for drying of all kinds of oil crops. Normally the temperature is controlled in 160-230°C in the seeds frying process, crops in medium well-cooked are appropriate. Roasting machine is drum shaped that the crops can heat uniformly

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