Rice Noodle Production Line

Rice Noodle Production Line TCD rice noodle production line has perfect technology, compact structure, novel design, stable and reliable performance. The production from flour to finished product is automatically completed at one time, with high automation procedures, simple operation, moderate output, energy saving, small floor space, and only one-tenth of the investment required

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Mooncake Processing Line

Mooncake Processing Line TCD Mooncake Processing Line is designed for Chinese moon cake or any other cakes with fillings. Cortrol system is composed of touch screen ard PLC. It can store and memorize formulas that moon cake are what material made of and the ratio between them. It is easy to operate

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Dumpling Processing Production Line

Dumpling Processing Production Line TCD Dumpling Processing Production Line is mainly used to produce small dumpling with imitation hand-made. The machine integrated dough production, dumpling wrapper making, filling, molding in one, with a large output, less energy consumption, small footprint, easy to clean, safe and sanitary, stable operation, convenient operation, HMI and structure

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