Roaster Machine


Roaster Machine TCD roaster machine is made up of high quality stainless steel material, has both gas and charcoal heating function, energy saving and high thermal efficiency. Easy to operate and maintenance. Widely use for rotary bake duck, chicken, quail and other kinds of

Cold Storage


Cold Storage TCD cold storage is a warehouse creating the suitable humidity and cold condition with the use of cooling facility which is also known as the refrigerated storage. It is a place to process and store the products.

Meat Patty Machine


Meat Patty Machine TCD meat patty machine can automatically complete the meat filling, molding, output and other processes, with the sizing machine, the powder (chip) machine, frying machine, cooking machine, quick-freezing machine, packaging machine into a cooked food production line. With high yield, stable

Meatball Machine


Meatball Machine TCD meatball machine can produce meatball and pignut ball of 7 different specifies, such as chicken ball, fish ball, beef ball, meatball as so on. Contact Us DESCRIPTION Features: TCD meatball machine can produce meatball and pignut ball of 7

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