Grinding Machine


Grinding Machine Grinding can be used to selectively improve the product characteristics of foods and, of course, hygienic and economical production is also important. Wet grinding is used for refining in many food production processes. It is used in the production of food,

Roasting Machine


Roasting Machine TCD Automatic roasting machine is used for drying of all kinds of oil crops. Normally the temperature is controlled in 160-230°C in the seeds frying process, crops in medium well-cooked are appropriate. Roasting machine is drum shaped that the crops can heat uniformly

Food Dryer


Food Dryer Features: High efficiency, More durable, Uniform heating, Hot air circulation Contact Us DESCRIPTION Applicable for canteen, restaurant, hotel, etc. Timing heating, with timer up to 99 hours. Toughened stainless steel 430 body, tidy and more durable. Solid structure, not easy

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