Food Mixer


Food Mixer TCD food mixer is designed to be your best kitchen helper, a reliable partner. You can use it to knead, beat, and create all kinds of recipes. The mixer is manufactured according to the strictest standard. Be equipped with powerful

Cake Filling Machine


Cake Filling Machine Features: LCD control panel, Memory function, High efficiency. Contact Us DESCRIPTION LCD control panel with memory function. Adopted silicone round gears to reduce the defoaming condition of cake batter. Suitable for fixed-point filling or displacement filling to produce

Cookies Machine


Cookies Machine TCD cookie machine suitable for all kinds of fancy cookies, Jenny's cookies, puffs, cakes, egg yolk biscuits... All kinds of fancy cookies can be developed by changing the nozzle. Automatic smoothing, uniform cutting, no waste material. Contact Us DESCRIPTION



Proofer Fermentation is a game of balance between dough, temperature,humidity and time, and it is one of the crucial steps that determine the quality of baking. Multiple products, different times, one proofer can handle it all. Proofer is specially designed to provide culinary craftsmen with the perfect

Dough Sheeter


Dough Sheeter For most flour-baked food items, dough is the major precursor. When the dough is prepared properly, there's a good chance the final results will be great. One way you can ensure the process goes on smoothly is to get the best dough sheeter.

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