Flat Rice-Noodles Machine


Flat Rice-Noodles Machine Wide adaptability, energy-saving, high production, high efficient, more durable Contact Us DESCRIPTION Features: Intelligent Control Panel, adjustable according to your requirement. Precise temperature controller, easy to monitor and control. Fully automatic, labor saving and time saving. Imported stainless steel,

Noodle Making Machine


Noodle Making Machine Features: High efficiency, High accuracy, High stability, Fully automatic Contact Us DESCRIPTION Adopted computer touch screen PLC control system. Easy operation, saving energy and labor. With 10 kinds of cutter head, available for many kinds of noodle. With

Macaroni Machine


Macaroni Machine The machine is mainly composed of a speed reducer, a propeller and a forming die. The raw material can be rolled and extruded repeatedly in the propeller. The propeller can be extruded and cut into regular small food with various patterns through the die.

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