Commercial Dumpling Machine


Commercial Dumpling Machine TCD Commercial Dumpling Machine is suitable for food quick-frozen factory, restaurants, factories, schools, canteens and other units for making dumplings. This machine adopts the new technology of making dumplings after automatically pressing the dough. Which has changed the working principle of traditional Chinese dumpling

Dumpling Wrapper Machine


Dumpling Wrapper Machine Features: Easy operation, Convenient for maintaining and cleaning, perfect design, no corner waste Contact Us DESCRIPTION Features: Customized thickness of dumpling wrapper. CNC engraving, steel mold, electroplated non-stick coating. Safety Switch. Speed Regulator, eight gears available. Full cast

Table Dumpling Machine


Table Dumpling Machine Features: Safe, hygienic and durable. Contact Us DESCRIPTION The machine is made of stainless steel 304, and adopted imported stainless steel bearings. Exquisite machine, it can be operated on the tabletop. High production forming rate. It can wrap wonton

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