New interpretation of roast duck

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Roast duck, as a traditional Chinese food, is widely praised for its reddish color, tender meat, crisp taste, mellow taste, fat but not greasy characteristics, especially Beijing roast duck, which are one of the world-famous specialty dishes and known as “the world delicious”.

Roast duck is an epitome of Chinese traditional food culture going global. As the popularity of roast duck increases, and its influence continues to expand, the market demand for roast duck also shows a rapid growth trend. Today, on the basis of retaining the traditional production process , duck roasting is equipped with modern rotary ovens, electric baking ovens and other machine. Not only achieves large-scale and industrial production, but also ensures the stable flavor, taste and quality of roast duck.

In order to make the duck taste crisp and fragrant, the roast duck was roasted over charcoal fire in the past. Later, with the development of the production technology, it was done by fork roast, hanging roast and braised roast. With the rapid economic development, and the increasing popularity and influence, the consumption of roast duck has shown a trend of rapid growth in recent years. Which also puts forward higher requirements on the efficiency, productivity and flavor of finished roast duck of traditional roasting equipment.

The modern roaster machines

Benefiting from the continuous progress of modern science and technology, and the maturity of baking technology, baking machinery get great progress in China. There are various types of baking machines, hot air rotary oven, electric oven, convection oven, smoked oven, etc. Which can well meet the needs of large-scale, batch and industrialized roasting of modern roast duck. The roasting efficiency and production capacity have also been significantly improved. Fast production, the flavor and taste are standard and stable.

Roast duck must be roasted by properly temperature and time. If temperature is too high , the duck will be burnt, with poor color and taste. If temperature is too low, it is not ripe. Nowadays, roast duck is roasted by automatic hot air rotary oven and electric baking oven. Due to the advanced digital intelligent temperature control device, the baking time and temperature can be adjusted according to the process, and ensure the stable flavor, taste and baking quality of roast duck.

In addition, the ovens mostly made of stainless steel. The roasting environment is clean and sanitary, has tight sealing and good insulation performance, to prevent heat loss and save energy consumption. In order to make all parts of roast duck evenly heated during the baking process, the equipment adopts hot air convection circulation and suspended rotating trolley, to ensure the roast duck even color and crisp flavor.

Roast machine, the new interpretation of roast duck.

By BBHZ from Foodjx