Mooncake Processing Line

TCD Mooncake Processing Line is designed for Chinese moon cake or any other cakes with fillings.

Cortrol system is composed of touch screen ard PLC. It can store and memorize formulas that moon cake are what material made of and the ratio between them. It is easy to operate and there is no need to input data repeatedly.

This machine is solid and durable, and the main component of which are all recognized famous-brand products to ensure nomal operating for a long time.

Its surface is made of high quality stainless steel and looks nice, solid and durable.

Voltage Power Size Product Capacity Net Weight
220V 4.0 KW 3400*950*1350MM 15-60 pcs/min 600kg

Stuffing Machine

  •     PLC control system
  •     Hopper coated with Teflon
  •     Lower cost, saving labor & time

Stamping Machine

  • Stable and noiseless operation
  • Strong structure more durable
  • Multi-functions control panel
  • Customizable various patterns

Auto Tray Arranging Machine

  • Adopted Mitsubishi control system, double-sever and imported Germany SICK photo-electricity.
  • Stainless steel material, durable and lasting.
  • Free arranging setting, special tray types can be customized.
  • PLC control, can store 100 formulas, easy operation.
  • Labor and cost saving.
  • High efficiency.