How to keep the food fresh?

– Vacuum refrigerated fresh-keeping equipment releases the “fresh” vitality of the industry

With the continuous strengthening of the concept of healthy diet of residents, the pursuit of freshness, nutrition and quality of products is getting higher and higher, the market demand for fresh fruits and vegetables, short-term quality food continues to increase. In this context, related industries are all competing for “fresh” layout, relying on equipment and technologies such as whole-process cold chain transportation, vacuum lock fresh refrigerated fresh-keeping and others, to release “fresh” vitality, empowering “fresh” to serve thousands of households.

Fruit and vegetable industry: release “fresh” vitality

As a rigid demand industry of people’s livelihood consumption, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other main offline retail sales channels of fresh fruit and vegetable market demand is strong. In particular, the epidemic in 2020 has accelerated the gradual formation of fresh habits, and the market is paying more attention to online fresh retail.

Such as cherries, strawberries, waxberry and fresh-eating corn are all served in season. However, for cherries, thin peel, succulent tender soft, long distance transportation and storage are not easy. Strawberries and waxberry also have a short shelf life and are difficult to store and transport for long-term. Fresh-eating corn and other vegetables need to keep its flavor and freshness, which put forward higher request for storage and transportation. Only by adopting the whole process of cold chain transportation can the freshness and quality of fruits and vegetables be guaranteed. Another way, The vacuum refrigerated fresh-keeping technology locks the original flavor of the fruits and vegetables, and has the function of preserving flavor and color.

Short-term quality food industry: Leading the “fresh” market

In recent years, the demand of consumers for “fresh” short-term quality food such as bread, cake and rice ball is increasing year by year, and short-term quality food is advancing rapidly due to its freshness, health, nutrition, good taste and preservative-free characteristics. According to relevant research data, more and more consumers hope that the short-term quality food is “fresh”, because freshness represents health and good taste. However, compared with long-term and medium-term food, short-term quality food has very high requirements on production and supply chain.

For example, in production, food processing enterprises adopt low-temperature ripening technology, which will not cause excessive fermentation or uneven dough fermentation due to the influence of fermentation temperature and time, and fully maintain the original flavor and fluffy fine and soft taste. In terms of supply chain, through the supply mode of “central factory + chain stores” and “central factory + wholesale”, the supply efficiency is greatly improved, shortened the transport radius, in a certain extent, the fresh-keeping period is extended. Therefore, short-term quality food can leads the “fresh” market all the way.

By BBHZ from Foodjx

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