Guangzhou, Fighting!

Guangzhou is an inclusive, vibrant and healthy city. It has its own great charm, attracting tourists from all over the world to visit.

Never thought of that,
The city where I live is sick.
This international metropolis city with a permanent population of over 18 million,
cheered for all over the country last year,
but never thought it was in the final.
Guangzhou is the south gate of the motherland,
Guangzhou No.8 hospital is currently the hospital with the largest number of foreign patients in Guangdong Province and even in China.
It could say that,
Guangzhou with its own effort,
Fight the virus for our country.
This bright pearl of Pearl River Delta,
Gathering the power of whole city,
Racing against with time and virus.
SARS ended in Guangzhou in 2003
I firmly believe that,
the COVID-19 will also end in Guangzhou.
Not Afraid of night,
Win the anti-epidemic battle.
Guangzhou, Fighting!