Dumplings From Foreign Countries (Ⅰ)

Like the Chinese, many foreigners also eat dumplings on traditional festivals. However, their ways of making and eating dumplings are different from each other. Japan, Korea, and Vietnam also have dumplings due to the influence of Chinese culture, but they usually refer to fried dumplings.

Dumplings are also served in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Italy, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Especially in Italy, Ukraine and Russia, dumplings are also an important national traditional food for them.

In Afghanistan, it is called Mantu, while in Armenia and Georgia it is known as Khinkali. In Mongolia it is Buuzas, in Japan it is Gyoza. While in Korea it is called Mandu. In Ukraine, it is Varenyky and in Poland Pierogi. In Italian it is tortellini and ravioli. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is called Klepe.

Now, let’s get to know some foreign dumplings in Europe and South America:

  • British Dumpling

In the United Kingdom, Dumpling does not refer to Chinese dumplings, but another traditional British dish: a thick soup of beef, carrots, tomatoes, onions, and potatoes, then simmered with pieces of dough kneaded with butter and flour. There is also a foo similar to Chinese dumpling in the UK – Cornish Pastry, which is made of potato and beef.

  • Italian dumplings – Ravioli:

The stuffing is very different from Chinese Dumpling, cheese, onion and egg yolk are the main ingredients, sometimes spinach and beef are also added. Another is made with chicken and cheese, with butter, Onions, lemon zest and nutmeg. They make dumplings by pressing the dough into a long strip, placing the filling one by one, dipping water on the edge of the dough, put another same size of dough sheet on, press good, and then cut it into piece by piece with a knife. The method of cooking dumplings is the same as the Chinese dumpling.

  • Polish dumplings – Pierogi:

It is said that Polish dumplings first originated in China, and then were brought to Europe by traveler Marco Polo in the 13th century, where they “settled” in Poland. Because of this, Polish dumplings really look like Chinese dumplings, and are mainly boiled, and fried.

  • Hungarian Dumplings – Plum Dumplings, or “szilvasgomboc” in Hungarian:

Strictly speaking, the stuffing is jam, and even pickled plums, apricots, and ebony plums for stuffing. They make dumplings with twice as much mashed potato as flour, lots of lard, eggs, sugar and salt, and sometimes covered in fried bread crumbs.

  • Ukrainian Dumpling – Varenyky

Varenyky are popular Ukrainian dumplings filled with a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, meat, cheese, sauerkraut, eggs, mushrooms, and even fruit. These stuffed dumplings are usually shaped into squares or half-moons, boiled or steamed, then drizzled with oil or melted butter and paired with sour cream.

The sweet, fruit-filled version is typically served with sugar and sour cream. These dumplings are so popular that there is even a monument celebrating varenyky in the city of Cherkasy.

  • Mexican dumplings:

They use onions, beef, tomatoes, and parsley as stuffings. The dumpling wrappers are not rolled, but are pressed into rectangles with their hands. The finished dumplings are not boiled in water, but are boiled in a seasoned soup cooked with tomatoes, peppers, and onions. After eating the dumplings, drink the soup.

Chochoyotes are Mexican dumplings made with corn masa that are used in soups and with chicken and dumplings as well. These are gluten free dumplings and can be made as gluten free vegan dumplings as well.

  • Venezuelan dumplings:

The stuffing of Venezuelan dumplings is unique in the world, they use locally white fat rat meat and add with jam and sugar. The dumpling wrapper is made of rye flour, after cooking, it is mixed with honey juice and served.

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