Dumpling Processing Production Line

TCD Dumpling Processing Production Line is mainly used to produce small dumpling with imitation hand-made. The machine integrated dough production, dumpling wrapper making, filling, molding in one, with a large output, less energy consumption, small footprint, easy to clean, safe and sanitary, stable operation, convenient operation, HMI and structure more friendly features; The surface and filling contact parts are made of stainless steel and PU conveyor belt, in line with the requirements of national food hygiene.

Type of factory: Medium dumpling production and processing factory
Production Capacity: 9,000-12,000 pcs/ hour
Working area: 1000-5000㎡

Dumpling Machine
Two heads (NEW DESIGN)
Productivity: 120-160 pcs/min
Dumpling weight: 20 g/pc  wrapper 7-8 g
Dough sheet width 230 mm
Power: 380V 50Hz (3P)
General power: 10.5Kw
Air pressure: ≥ 0.6 MPa
Weight: 1800kg
Measurements: 2600*1760*2300mm

Servo motor controlled
Dough pressing type
Machine structure: SUS304 with anti-ringerprint paint
Four rollers pressing dough wrappe

Tray arranging machine

Productivity: matched with dumpling machine
Function: tray being put into the machine and trays automatically destacked, robot arm picks dumplings into tray and tray being put onto belt of IQF automatically

Power: 220V 50Hz
General power: 3Kw
Weight: 500kg
Measurements:  2150mm*1400mm*1830mm
Machine structure: SUS304

Transition Conveyor

PU belt conveyor
Connected to discharge conveyor or tray arranging machine and transit dumplings to auto steaming line

Automatic steaming line

Steaming length:6000mm
Steaming width:800mm
Steaming speed:1-4m/min, adjustable

The steaming time can be adjusted by adjusting the running speed of the conveyor belt
The steam control system consists of a high-pressure steam decompression system and a temperature control system. Its main function is to control the steam stability and adjust the temperature;

Liquid Nitrogen Tunnel Freezing Machine

Overall dimension:10250*1900*1980mm
Mesh belt size:800mm*10000mm
Rated voltage:380V
Capacity of equipment:250-300Kg/1hour
Operating temperature:can be set arbitrarily to -190℃

304 stainless steel whole welding process, high strength, no deformation, the height of the column can be adjusted according to the level of the ground.
It adopts M20S series low-temperature special insulation material produced by BASF company in Germany.

Double Belt Turning Unit

Power Supply:220Volt, 50HZ, Single phase

With stainless baffle plate to collect trays
With Ejection lane to avoid material jams.
Two sections of belts at different speed , creating distance between materials.
With motorized baffle to rectity material direction, prepared to enter Auto feeding Unit.

Automatic Feeding Unit

Power Supply:220Volt, 50HZ, Single phase

Four belts conveyor and four sections with different speed control.
Touch screen for operation and display.
Controlled by combination of servo motors and inverter motors.
With light sensor to detect material , and signals activates conveyor running.

Flow Pack Machine

Flat bag size: L120-500mm W220mm Max
Product Height:80mm Max
Film Width:500mm Max
Packing Speed:30-120 pack/min
Power Supply:220V/1Ph/50Hz
Power Capacity:6.6KW
Machine Weight:1200kg
Machine Size:4500*1150*1585 mm

Six servo with servo motor for precise control.
Carbon steel machine body (Including In-feed conveyor)
Single Film Loader,with auto centering for film roll.
Rotary Motion ,end seal with support plate structure.
Film from top.
With thermo modular for temperature control.