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-2021 Guangzhou Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition

December 18, 2021, the 28th Guangzhou Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition came to a successful conclusion in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Hall. The exhibition takes “Food” as the carrier, adhering to the purpose of high-end quality and professional service, promotes the development of the hotel and catering industry in South China, and meets the one-stop needs of high-end hotel catering procurement.

Guangzhou Wei Ge machinery equipment Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of commercial baking equipment, is committed to the production of all kinds of ovens (including tunnel ovens, hot air ovens, deck ovens, combi ovens, etc.), chicken rotisserie ovens and other baking equipment. In this exhibition, Guangzhou Wei Ge came on stage with its brands, as a new force leading the new trend of commercial ovens in domestic and abroad, Wei Ge’s display of products won the attention of many participants and the favor of new and old customers.

At the scene of the exhibition, Guangzhou Wei Ge’s ovens and the Tiffany blue series of spiral mixer and dough mixer, aroused the interest of many attendees, they stop at the booth for consultation. With full of enthusiasm, Wei Ge people answered the customers with their professional technology knowledge, and discuss with the friends who come to visit.

As the “old man”, Guangzhou Wei Ge has been 8 years of industry experience, can provide not only excellent quality, stable performance, durable baking equipment, but also provide customers with various stages of the food processing equipment, and provide “Turnkey project” customized solutions, trying to enhance users productivity and competitiveness of enterprise, help enterprise development take off.

TCD machine, as a “newcomer”, is the new brand of Guangzhou Wei Ge, focusing on food processing equipment. With the help of the group’s technical advantages, management advantages and resource advantages, as well as its own huge endogenous power and strong resource integration ability, TCD has constantly innovated and brought fresh blood to the industry.

Thank you very much for all your attention and support, Guangzhou Wei Ge will serve you sincerely, provide you with professional and mature technology, high-quality products, to help your business going to next higher level!

See you in 2022!