About TCD

TCD has assembling workshop, machinery operation workshop, and spare parts center, covering working areas over 16000 square meters, with over 150 engineers, technicians and workers. Focusing on the R&D, TCD produce and sell professional commercial kitchen equipment and bakery equipment, strictly control production, to provide domestic and overseas food manufacturers with high quality products and services, business covers more than 120 countries, and got highly appreciated by customers.


TianChengDe, from food to food machinery,bears the historical mission, inherits the century ingenuity, strides toward the dream of “No more hunger in the world!”.

Technology Carries Dreams


Founded in 1862, TianChengDe was originally doing ordinary business in Jingziguan, central China. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, years of war, made the people hungry and poor, Mr. Zhang, the owner of Tianchengde, developed the early simple food machinery for processing, crushing the ingredients and make into pastries, to alleviate the hunger…

More than a hundred years passed, TianChengDe has always been adhering to the integrity of business and serving the public, until today. In 2014, Mr. David Li, the outstanding representative of the fourth generation of TianChengDe, established Guangzhou Wei Ge Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., open the era of scientific and technological development.

TianChengDe, the century-old brand, officially joined the Wei Ge family in 2021, products covered equipment for Western and Chinese food production line. We not only have the ability to produce high quality Tunnel Oven, Rotary Oven and other professional full-scale food production equipment, has a strong ability to undertake non-standard customized products, but also can provide customers with “turnkey project” customized service, offer suitable solutions for various requirement in all performance classes.

Qualification & Honor